Board Meeting Procedures

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  • May 23, 2024
Board Meeting Procedures

The rules for board meetings are guidelines for the management of board meetings. They encourage fairness and equity, help keep board discussions on track, and ensure that decisions are taken by the majority of board members. This is particularly crucial for large groups, where a small group of people can easily dominate the discussion and make decisions. Having a clear set of procedures helps to keep track of the agenda of the board which can be long and complex.

The chair of the board should begin the meeting with a brief review of the meeting’s purpose, key input needed, and an outline of the agenda. This recap of 10 minutes can help everyone focus and stay engaged. It also sets the tone for the rest of the board meeting.

Before the discussion gets underway, it is helpful to review and approve the minutes from the previous meeting and distribute any reports created by committees or officers. By making these documents available in advance, you can ensure that directors of the board are well-versed with the material and can contribute effectively during discussions.

A board should always have a policy for the reading and approval of minutes. It will typically include the requirement of the second of a motion. This prevents the board from discussing issues that have already been decided on and could make it easier to decide during the meeting.

Any member of the board who has an interest conflict must disclose it to the other board members. This is important to limit the influence of a negative board member on the organization’s future. If it is necessary, a plan must be developed for how this individual’s behavior will be dealt with at the next board meeting.

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