Conducting a Board Portal Software Comparison

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  • May 20, 2023
Conducting a Board Portal Software Comparison

The board portal is an essential tool for governing an business. It is used by boards, committees and executive leadership teams to enhance meeting workflows, work together with security features in place and ensure that they are aligned on strategic decision-making. It cuts down on time and costs spent on materials for boards. The countless board software vendors that provide solutions can make it challenging for businesses to choose the best tool. Comparing the various software available for board portals is a smart way to narrow options. This includes assessing the security level, preferred tools for managing boards and support and service.

Determine Your Needs

Determine what is important to you for your board portal. This will include taking a look at the number of board members as well as the type of information you will be sharing. Then, determine the features required to meet those needs (e.g. secure messaging, D&O questionnaire help, around-the-clock client support). This information can then be used to evaluate board portals and choose the one that best fits your business’s needs.

Evaluating the Security Level of Your Board Portal

A high security level is a must for board meetings, as they discuss sensitive and confidential documents. Find a system that utilizes encrypted confidential files in order to safeguard your website from hacking and data theft. Additionally, a portal that has an audit trail can allow you to see who has accessed and edited documents.

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