How Hackers Are Getting Access to Facebook Accounts

  • AUTHOR: moodsports
  • October 8, 2023
How Hackers Are Getting Access to Facebook Accounts

Hacking can ruin a person’s reputation and cost them thousands in lost advertising revenue. Dale Berry is the owner of an English preschool in Japan. He had his Facebook account hacked. Hackers made use of his account to run fraudulent ads, draining his company and destroying his reputation.

Hackers first target those who have weak passwords such as “qwerty” or “password.” They then impersonate a friend to request a code that will reset the password. They then take advantage of a security feature that permits people to add their friends as trusted contacts in the event they lose their password and ask trusted contacts to provide the one-time hacking facebook accounts password required to gain access to the account.

Purchase of stolen login information is another way hackers gain access. Recently there was a cache of 26 million Amazon, LinkedIn, and Facebook passwords were found available on the dark internet. A lot of them were leaking through custom Trojan malware that hacked into millions of Windows-based computers between the years 2018 and 2020.

Users can protect themselves from attacks by making sure they always ensure that the address bar in the browser indicates Facebook and not another website. Users should use a password combining numbers, letters, and spaces. They should not use it on other email or social media accounts. In addition, they should check their activity alerts regularly. Twitter for instance sends notifications whenever a user logs into the account from a new location or device.

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