How to Make a Computer Virus

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  • October 8, 2023
How to Make a Computer Virus

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A computer virus is a harmful program that can be created by those who want to cause harm or disruption to systems and computers. They are hidden pieces of code that hitch to other programs or applications, and once activated, they propagate like wildfire. Viruses are usually found on documents or programs that have been downloaded from the internet or transmitted via email. The majority of countries believe that creating and spreading a computer virus is illegal.

There are a variety of computer viruses that can affect computers in different ways. Certain computer viruses rely on an application in order to begin their work. Others are independent and can attack multiple systems without the need for a host. Computer viruses that use a host program in order to infect computers are commonly referred to as worms, but those that do not employ this method of infection by using other programs are known as viruses.

Some viruses infect a system immediately upon entry, whereas others remain dormant and be activated when the user executes the code. The first computer virus, developed in 1974, and akin to a biological virus, multiplied itself quickly and caused damage to the system. Stuxnet is an example of an extremely destructive computer virus. It was created to destroy computerized centrifuges that were used to enrich uranium.

It is not for the weak-hearted to attempt this task. However it can be a fun and interesting way to test your knowledge of computer programming languages and systems. If you’re willing to put in the effort and time there are plenty of resources that can help you create a virus.

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