Legal Documents For Due Diligence

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  • May 23, 2024
Legal Documents For Due Diligence

Legal documents for due diligence are crucial documents that potential buyers must review to determine if the purchase of a company is legal. These documents include financial, legal, intellectual property general corporate information tax data, human resources, and property and equipment. The results of the investigation are published in a due diligence report.

A common error is to conclude a sale without having performed the required legal due diligence. This poses a risk to all parties involved because it makes the buyer vulnerable to litigation if he or discovers later that there are legal skeletons in the closet. It’s also irresponsible for directors and officers of a corporation to act this way because it violates their fiduciary duty to stockholders to act in good faith.

It is crucial to establish a schedule of activities for the due diligence process. It is essential to create an order of operation for the due diligence process. Additionally, it’s ideal to conduct interviews with key management and employees to collect direct information or to clarify things.

Finally, the buyers and sellers must agree on the list of legal documents needed in advance. This is a good time to consider using a virtual dataroom since it will save both parties time and effort. In fact, if the seller does not want to divulge all information, he or she can require the prospective purchaser to sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to due diligence.

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