Online Data Warehouses for Business Analytics and Business Intelligence

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  • May 23, 2024
Online Data Warehouses for Business Analytics and Business Intelligence

Data warehouses store massive amounts of both current and historical data in a single repository and are designed to provide an overview of business data over time. They also provide value to operational business applications by optimizing and transforming data for analytical use. This makes them a primary element of enterprise analytics and business intelligence.

Cloud-based data warehouses are available and provide faster, better insight to business users. Businesses can use them to connect data sources and apps, without the need for IT intervention or manual configuration.

The top data warehouses online provide a wide variety of data types and usage scenarios. Some can be used to analyze unstructured data, like text and videos. They work best with structured data that is organized in a certain manner (e.g. tables).

Modern data warehouses also allow users to establish relationships between their tables and data sets. This allows users to share, analyze and collaborate on data with colleagues in a secure and controlled environment.

Amazon Web Services’ Redshift and Snowflake are the most well-known online data warehouses. Other vendors include Google Cloud Platform BigQuery and Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse. These solutions can be scalable Continued to an almost unlimited extent, so they can handle high volumes of activity without causing CPU overload or consuming too much storage. They’re especially well-suited to the ELT (extract, load transform) process, where business analysts and business intelligence professionals convert raw data into a format that makes it easier to analyse.

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