Raid Technology for Lotus Notes

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  • October 7, 2023
Raid Technology for Lotus Notes

The Raid Technology for Lotus Notes is a feature that lets designers create high-performance applications. It makes use of open-standard devices, like JavaScript and WEB CODING to allow designers to create sophisticated work applications in a short time. It also provides a stable environment for data files, directories and other data.

Lotus Notes’ RAID technology helps safeguard data from being destroyed in the event of a hard disk failure. It blends multiple hard disk drives into one file system. It also makes use of fail-tolerance to restore information in the event of a single drive failing. This kind of technology is a good choice for businesses that need to ensure that their data continues to be available all the time.

A raid on the lotus notes iDataAgent Catalog obtains a database’s transaction log, and associates it to a specific Notes Database. The transaction log is split into smaller data files called sign extents. Each is 64MB. Each sign extent contains a record indicating when the database was first constructed and also the date when the Fixup process was run prior to it.

There are a variety of levels of raid, and each offers a different level of performance and fault tolerance. RAID 1 is most common because it uses mirroring to double the storage capacity. It’s not foolproof. If the mirroring disk fails it could take a long time to restore data from the remaining drives. RAID 5 is another option that combines striping with parity to offer good storage and performance. It requires two additional disks for parity but it offers the best balance of storage and efficiency.

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