Safe and Secure Data Management

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  • October 7, 2023
Safe and Secure Data Management

Secure and safe data handling refers to the strategies, tactics and best practices that are employed to safeguard sensitive information from theft or exposure. It is also crucial to maintaining customer trust and ensuring that the company is in compliance with regulations.

Authentication is a method which accurately identifies those who have access to data. It may involve the use of security tokens like pin numbers, thumbprints or other biometrics to block unauthorized access to your data. It can also include the ability to encode data so it can only be read by authorized users.

Backup copies of data are vital to effective data management. They enable you to recover from system failure, catastrophe, or data corruption. Backups can be stored in a different format, like on local networks or an external hard drive. So that hackers are unable to access them. You should also require that employees keep laptops in a safe location. Think about using cords and locks for securing them to their desks.

It is also important to purge old or inactive data on a regular basis. This reduces the amount of attack options, improves performance and saves storage costs. In addition, you can use software to systematically overwrite any storage device with a new set of data on a regular basis. This is more secure than regular data wiping and ensures that the data is not recovered, even by experts. You can use software to protect the data while it moves from one computer or file to another.

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