Safe Data Storage

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  • October 7, 2023
Safe Data Storage

Secure data storage is one of the most critical aspects of any information technology (IT) strategy. It involves identifying, reducing and preserving sensitive or confidential data accessible to those who require it.

The most important and fundamental aspect of storing data safely is ensuring that the physical security of a data storage location, record or file is as high as possible to prevent unauthorized access by individuals inside navigate to this web-site or external attackers. It is essential to implement access controls based on role to restrict the extent of an individual’s access rights. It also means the use of a system to record the removal and re-entry into records to ensure that data is not removed or retrieved without authorization.

A strong password is another crucial aspect of secure data storage. Passwords must be hard to identify and should not be shared or placed on desks where they will easily be found.

Immutable storage can be a great way to stop bad actors from altering data on disks, SSDs, and the cloud. This is accomplished through a combination of the use of encryption as well as other security controls, such as traffic profiling and machine learning-based systems to prevent data loss.

Of course, no data storage system is impenetrable however the goal should be to make it as hard to hack as possible, so that the cost for hackers is higher than the value of compromised data. A well-designed IT infrastructure will include regular updates to operating systems and software. It should also have a robust security infrastructure to stop unauthorized users from accessing storage systems.

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